What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

The concept of Bitcoin Faucet It is not new. It was first introduced by the main Bitcoin developer, Gavin Andresen in 2010. Andresen was the one who created the first Bitcoin faucet. This gave a reward of 5 bitcoins for completing simple tasks.

In this way we can define Bitcoin Faucet, as a reward system from which small amounts of bitcoins can be obtained, known as satoshis. a Satoshi is the smallest of the bitcoin units of account that exist. These rewards are delivered to users after taking a certain action. For example, solving captchas, participating in games, or simply viewing advertisements.

Keep in mind that nobody will give you free bitcoins, so if that faucet is from a cryptocurrency that is listed on a exchangeNormally, you will receive that cryptocurrency in exchange for your time or see advertising. Activities that hardly cost you, but with which the owner of the faucet will earn enough to give you a share.